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Friday, June 10, 2011

Today is Friday, June 10th

Started the day off with a Board meeting at the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors and learned that there are quite a few events on the calendar this summer competing with Tracy's caregiving time.  We'll work it out... We're now at Stanford 'cause after T had his labs done, we realized his counts were so low T needed Neupogen and blood....  been fighting with BS for a week to get his Neupogen and BS is dragging their feet.  I enlisted another person today because I'm not giving up.  They don't know who they're dealing with....  I feel like I should snarl after saying that. Hee hee!!!  Naturally, we didn't have a book with us for T to read or his glasses for that matter but there was a pair of glasses in his bag and I scored Balducci's "Total Control" for T outside the medical library in the bookshelf swap.

I really do see a difference in T's eyes... clear and green and able to focus and he's reading again, voraciously.  It's a wonder unfolding...  We probably won't get out of here until 9 tonight but that's ok... T will have what he needs.

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  1. Keep at it my friend and drive safely over the hill. It shouldn't be this hard.