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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today is Tuesday, June 14th

I personified the squeaky wheel today by appealing for help.  No Neupogen.  No office meeting.  I've had enough already.  One more ride to Stanford is driving me nuts.  I enlisted the help of the Medical Social Worker, actually I just whined and asked who else I could escalate this ridiculous situation to.   She advised me to call the Stanford Social Worker which is what I did.  Clearly & quite succinctly I asked for help with the communication break down between Stanford & Blue Shield.  With a non -threatening phone call to the CVS pharmacist, I was able to get T next Tuesday's missing dose of 16 tabs of Methotrexate ( somebody miscounted 48 tabs for 64 )... it's amazing what you can accomplish when you're clear and not accusing anyone of anything and asking genuinely for help.  So, after a much needed neck and body adjustment by Cathy Sy,  Tracy & I made the trek to Stanford. Aptos was engulfed in fog and the bay area was hot hot hot!  T had on a flannel shirt & cords & me in black jeans, Haynee strappy black T with silver studs, black long sleeved shirt & high heeled sandals and it was 88 degrees at Stanford!  Luckily, we dress for the ITA which is always cold and we didn't plan to go anywhere else.  Tracy had made us lunch while I made us scrambled eggs and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast.  So when we arrived early at Stanford, we sat in the car and listened to Steven Colbert being interviewed by Terry Gross on KQED's Fresh Air and shared our bologna sandwich & Snapple.

Tracy is returning to us.  I'm asking him for help in little ways so, he's a part of the process instead of "the patient".  He's responding, joining in and becoming T again.  T expressed yesterday that he doesn't like to go to Stanford without me.  He says "it's not the same".  I understand.  The good news is as of 4:15 PM,  BS authorized 4 months of Neupogen!!!!!  We don't have to make the trek anymore until we see Bruno at the end of the month!!!!!  No more days driving to & from and the eternal waiting at Stanford...any visit takes a minimum of 4 hours and usually much more.  I can get back to work & life again!  I'm so relieved.  I feel like I've just been given my freedom...  We are blessed to have Stanford's care.  Let's face it.  Tracy was given a couple months on Oct. 15th without treatment.  It's now 8 months and T hasn't had an episode for weeks.  He's actually beginning to look like T again... granted without hair and a full pepper & salt goatee.  I'll get a picture in the next few days.  He's a little camera shy.

I called Carlos at Caremark upon our arrival at home at 6:45PM and he assured me we'd have T's Neupogen on Wednesday!!!  I kept whooping intermittently all night.  T even ate an artichoke for dinner and we retired early with our left over chicken stuffed Riley ... I couldn't keep my eyes open past 9:00.  We are blessed...


  1. Glad to know he's getting back to his ol self. Good job Annie, you just have to kill them with kindness to get results as hard as it is sometimes. Grin and bear it!
    Much Love,
    Di Houghtaling

  2. I'm thinking this just might be the 'sign' I've been asking Johnny to send me...my heart is a little lighter after reading your post, AnneMarie! Please give Tracy my love, and love to you, too :)