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Monday, June 13, 2011

Today is Monday, June 13th

Today was a curious day for me...started with a legal briefing on the new City of Santa Cruz Rental Ordinance & the County Vacation Rental Ordinance this morning at the Board.  Onerous Ordinances that will cause a lot of angst and probably cost a lot of money and some heartburn for property owners.  I sent the documents to several clients... not such good news to share and won't be very pretty....

I then proceeded to the office and cleared my messages and did some escrow clean up and home to feed T and make a few phone calls.  Then, I picked up Marilyn and we picked up her car in Scotts Valley and dropped mine off for an oil change while we walked down at the small yacht harbor.  When I returned home, we'd heard from Caremark that they were still waiting on information from Dr. Medeiros.  I was so frustrated, I went out and dead headed my roses and cleared the beds.  Tracy joined me and told me he'd walked down the street 5 times today. Yahoo!!!  Now if only we could get this Neupogen straightened out!!!  I just wrote an email to Janell that states verbatim the letter BS sent us today requesting more info from the physician.  I'm starting to look under rocks for answers... does that make any sense?

The Boston Bruins annihilated the Canucks tonight in the 6th game of the Stanley Cup... what a great game!!!  Wed. is game number 7 in Vancouver.  We'll be watching!!!

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