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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is Wednesday, June 22nd

Happy Birthday Lea!!!

Contracts seminar and errands and home to my honey... as I drove down Townsend Drive imagine my surprise as I saw Riley walking with Tracy around the corner ...OMG!!!

I'm a happy gal who caught up with bills etc. and then, made a meatloaf & brussels sprouts for my honey and he ate the whole thing!!!  I'm a happy gal and very ready for my bed tonite....


  1. Annie & Tracy~

    Such awesome news...Riley gets a wonderful walk with his beloved buddy...best blog news yet. So happy things are turning around for the both of you. Have a fabulous weekend. We are doing the Relay for Life on Saturday...wish us luck!!
    Much love,
    Di Houghtaling
    PS...the girls wonder if Tracy liked his picture books?

  2. Dear Di,

    Tracy loved the picture books- the art books as I called them in my blog when we received them. They're on his desk. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and good luck with the Relay!!!


  3. Yay! Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes!!! -L