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Friday, June 24, 2011

Today is Friday, June 24th

Thursday was a whirlwind with Vicki & I touring properties until it was time to pick up T for his labs apt.  The good news is he wasn't needing any blood yet but he's still very neutrapenic.  So, the word is he's to start Neupogen every day to build up his white cell count.  We'll have to start asking for a prescription refill now....this should be interesting... Funny, I asked to start daily doses last week and was told no by Bruno.  Anyway, from now on Dr. Wu will manage T's care through this next phase of the protocol.  T's next visit with him is next Thurs. and he sees Bruno next Fri.  We think he's supposed to stop the 6MP this coming week with his last dose of Methatrexate on Tues.  Let's hope.  He could sure use the break...  now the only thing that worries me is Dr. Wu is an oncologist and T will need a hematologist since leukemia is a blood disease.  So, should I be nervous?  Will Bruno continue to consult?... he better.

Today was our annual meeting wtih elections at the board.  It was a good but very long meeting with updates from all the CAR & NAR Directors and Chief Counsel.  Made a Costco run & then, made a Caesar's salad, grabbed a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas ( they sorely need some doctoring)  and went to Pat's for a little down time... summertime is here.  Came home to my honey, made some dinner and we watched "Company Men" with Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones & Kevin Costner.  It was very well done!

Jayne left for Italy yesterday and Lea is leaving for Costa Rica, Lila just returned from Paris & Italy and Ann Bailey just returned from Africa & I could go on and on... I'm hoping our traveling days are just delayed for a year or two.... in the meantime, I'll enjoy their tales...

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