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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today is Thursday, June 2nd

Over the last two days, there's been a bit of forward movement...  altho' all the talk about the  "big wang theory"... Weiner's weiner tweeting through the nether world has been pretty distracting... amazing how we can so easily be amused...  this while tornado alley has exploded and expanded to even western Massachusetts!!!  Let's make sure that we take care of our own... not another Katrina, please...  and let's not forget to laugh!!!

I'm pretty content just taking care of T and slowly but surely knocking off my list of the things I'd been putting off.... talking to our tenants about our expectations and raising the rent or lowering the boom (depending upon how they ultimately react);  replacing the light timer in our upstairs gallery;   getting my hair done... etc. etc.  etc.  stuff that only I can do and little by little, I'm wiping out the honey do list.  Tomorrow, T & I have a series of doctors visits & labs and then, we'll head over to 605 Laguna and remove our signs.   Have to admit,  I'm pretty happy about that sale!!!

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