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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today is Sunday, June 26th

Today I got back in the game...I had an opportunity to hold a home open in Seacliff today.  What a glorious day on the coast!  Ideal 70's sunshine and 180 degree view of Monterey bay... mesmerized by two schools of dolphins playing in the surf and sharing the view with everyone that stopped by.  I am very thankful to be back!  I showed a home right after I closed up and picked up my signs and all the while I kept thinking I couldn't wait to share with T.

T is present. He took several walks today and caught up on a few books.  He is eating and building back up.  I look forward to our doctors apts. tomorrow.  Got my fingers crossed that his numbers are climbing...

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  1. T,
    thinking of you and glad to hear you are getting out for walks with Riley.
    I am sure Riley is enjoying it also.
    Matt and Jeannette Shaw