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Friday, July 29, 2011

Today is Friday, July 29th

Catching up... Thursday was Brokers tour day.  Saw 2 amazing beach front homes and met a new client late in the day.  Home to bake some panko covered snapper with red peppers & fresh corn on the cob... mmmm

Today was the day for T's labs and great news!!!  T is holding steady on his white cell count and has actually had a boost on his red counts!!!  We are looking for T's highest good in whatever we find out next Friday at Stanford.  T will have been off chemo for 6.5 weeks by then.  His white count will probably have to be at 2 or above for the next phase to start.  We're looking for the best outcome for T... with or without chemo...

Let go and let God!!!

Please keep T, Roddy & Jennifer in your prayers as we are....

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