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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26th

Office meeting this morning with guest speaker, Kathy Hartman, our Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors CEO.  She presented info about our Association and upcoming events.  There's a breakfast with the local Mayors on Wed. morning.  Paul made a pitch for Old Republic Title's new iPad app & I'll make an apt with Karen to get the password.  Then, the best part of the day...The fab four, Lorraine, Marilyn, Vicki & I toured our new listings together... oohed & ahed over a new Seacliff beauty and ended up at Cafe Cruz for a birthday celebration.
Lunch Beauties: Vicki, Marilyn, Birthday Girl & Lorraine
I am soo thankful for the support and camaraderie of friends!!!  I had the seafood medley and there was enough for Tracy to share.... we talked biz, bonded and relaxed ... we're all stressed out for one reason or another... life has become complicated.  I thought growing older meant less stress... apparently not.  Thank God we have a network of support!

On to pick up a new shampoo for stress related thinning (gal suggestion) and finally, a new phone for T.  Radio Shack was out of the "go" phone I wanted, but the AT&T store had it and it's exactly what T needs.  A phone that makes calls without all the bells & whistles...  Let's see who drops this one in the water first...  we do have a history with water and phones...

Tracy drove himself to get his labs done.  He called to say his white count was lower but his red count was great.  I'm very concerned that Tracy's neutrophil count is steadily sliding downward.  What are we waiting for to start the Neupogen?  Are we trying to see how low he'll drop or bounce back?  We don't understand what it is we're doing right now.   He's told he's borderline neutrapenic & not to hold a party.  I am very worried....scared really.  I keep crying.  I've emailed Dr. Wu's office for a clue or two.  Meanwhile, I'm clinging to T... trying to keep a happy face while he's very quietly resting & accepting.  T looks good!  His color is great and his hair is growing back slowly but surely.  It may even be salt & pepper.  I'll take a photo later today.

I think I'll stay home and make him breakfast... but first I'm going to try and sleep a little more... 

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