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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today is Friday, July 22nd

Great news!!!  Tracy insisted that he drive himself to have his labs done this morning!!  I had an early appointment with Michael for my hair ritual and T decided he didn't have to wait for me!  Freedom for T and me!!!  I have to admit I was sitting on pins & needles until I heard from our guy... first time driving on Hiway 1 in 9 months and then, would he need blood and therefore be neutrapenic again??  We were hoping for the best outcome and that's what we got!!!!  Tracy's counts are holding and he's rejoining the land of the living... got to do something about his phone soon.  The bag holding the dead phone & all it's accessories is  sitting in the back seat of my car waiting for a solution....

I spent the day at the office.  2.5 hours of mind numbing crap trying to get my email hosting straightened out.  I so miss having Tracy handle all of the techie stuff.  He's so good at it and I'm just impatient for it to work without me trying to figure it out.  Just a bit more now and it will all be straightened out, but T would have done it in no time...  oh well...  Take a look at my new website - double click this link:  http://AnneMarieSellsHomes.com
 and please let me know what you think...  Spent the rest of the afternoon working on the details of Saturday's tour.

Went home to celebrate... Linda & Jim picked us up and we returned to the Hindquarter after at least a 10 month hiatus!  We sat outside by ourselves on the front patio and T enjoyed his baby back ribs... what a wonderful early evening and a true return to the living for our T!  He ate the entire full rack of ribs with a beer and had a huge smile to boot!

We're looking forward, acknowledging the past and living the present.... no one's going to rain on our parade!!!


  1. :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Wahoo such wonderful news. So happy for Tracy being able to be on his own free will. BEST NEWS YET. So happy he's enjoying eating..especially ribs, my fav.
    Love and hugs to the both of you.
    Di H.

  2. Happy Birthday ( I think?? ) - Anne Marie - Hope you and your boys are having FUN!!!! Fun is well deserved for you all!!

    Jan & Tom