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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today is Tuesday, July 12th

We received great news yesterday:  Tracy's white cell count dropped to 5.3 BUT that means his own bone marrow is working again!!!  He hasn't had a Neupogen shot since Thurs.  Hallelujah!!!  His red blood count was 10 so, our guy is making a comeback!!!

I hadn't slept at all the night before (apprehension?) so, upon hearing the news we came home and relaxed and I made polenta and black beans and we retired early....

I played hooky today... why not?  Made French toast with Artisan bread mmmm and read the paper side by side....  awhile later, I posed the question beach? and T responded the dog park with a walk around the polo fields (a long trek for T)... T even DROVE!!!  I was a nervous wreck but he did very well.  A little bit of liberty... he knows he has some freedom...  On our return trip, I suggested a ride by the beach so we ambled by Rio Del Mar which was packed with people and 3 new volleyball courts.  T is now resting after a late turkey sandwich lunch.  He's been sleeping peacefully since we came home.  Riley is standing guard.  No more annie banany bars for Riley.  They weren't my best (the bottom burned 'cause they were on the bottom rack of the oven) so, I've been giving them to Mr. R.  After I collected his presents today, I threw the rest out.  I'll have to ripen some more bananas and make some that are good enough for my T.

I'm very emotional.  I seem to cry over nothing....  I'm going to enjoy T this week.  He's decided that he doesn't want to go anywhere (we had talked about going to Santa Barbara).  He wants to stay home so, I'm going to try to get him to laugh and enjoy his space....  love to all

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  1. Happy to hear some good new for Mr.T! Enjoy the sunshine & the night ahead. Do you watch "Memphis Beat" on TNT??? Not as good as "Justified," but a good show for some distraction.
    xoxoxo Jan