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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today is Thursday, July 7th

Tracy's rash looks better...all of a sudden it's fading.  Those big splashes of red angry welts are disappearing and it's about 6 days since he stopped the Dapsone.  Who knows?  We may have done the right thing.

Lots of good real estate news on the horizon.  2nd viewing on Toledo on Sat.  Brian's Short Sale just may work.  New clients may write an offer on an Aptos cutie.  After broker's tour today, we filled out disability paperwork...talk about depressing.  I decided we needed an Italian meal and since we had some bananas that had almost black skins... annie banany bars went into the oven with the lasagna (I confess, store bought lasagna).  It felt great to bake a Tracy favorite and see him eat it.  We've been watching the Cooking channel non-stop...Where do they get their ideas?

Tracy's Dahlias ( I got the bulbs and he planted them so they really are to his credit) are in full gorgeous bloom.

All is well tonite with the McAnelli's....

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