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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today is Wednesday, July 6th

Can we get a do over?    I awoke thinking about a play we saw several years ago at the San Jose Repertory Theatre,  Control Alt Delete.  All I remember was we laughed a lot at the ease with which we can avert disaster as we type in the ethernet.

So, we've started the process of applying for Social Security Disability with the help of a Blue Shield contracted agency.  Why am I skeptical?  What I've realized is we should have applied 3 years ago, when T started becoming ill after he would start a job.  We were so complacent, accepting the benign neglect of the doctors.  T had suffered with his episodes for years and was never given a reason.  We just blindly accepted and kept moving.  There is nothing we can do except fight now.

T needed platelets and blood yesterday so Dominican took care of T.  I sorely needed my chiropractor and after checking in on T, went home to stretch out.  When I picked T up after 6, he was refreshed, his color was good and he was relaxed.

I realized that all the movies and media articles about our state of affairs has given me a new attitude about politics.  I now think that although most folks become politicians because they believe in trying to do the right thing, somewhere along the line power corrupts.  The fact that our nation's debt ceiling, hence our government's viability is being used as a political ploy to portray this administration as inept in order to win the next election is just unacceptable.  Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water!  Doesn't anyone or everyone see that the top 1% of the wage earners are now calling all the shots?  The Supreme Court is now so skewed that Corporations have more rights than individuals!  The middle class is being squeezed out of existence and the politicians are just eager to 'get theirs'.  They're all on the take whether it be lobbyists writing their bills and paying for boondoggles to explore possibilities on a golf course in Scotland or creating bridges to nowhere.  I'd start looking for a new country but I don't know of another country that doesn't have the same crooks running the show.  I believe that until we rise up and say no instead of blindly accepting we all get a terminal disease.  I'm disgusted with my health care that cost 60% more and dictates when and where Tracy can receive what he needs to live.  I'm disgusted that Congress wants to lower the mortgage tax deductibility thereby threatening the one tax hedge the middle class needs to exist and the Real Estate market needs to survive.  They keep saying if the Bush tax cuts on the rich are eliminated there won't be any incentive to create jobs.  Well, excuse me BUT where are all those jobs they've been creating over the last 10 years while they've been getting a free ride????  Come on people... let's wake up!!!!

If each person would take the time to write an email to the President and their Congressional Representatives and Senators, telling them what they believe to be true... and be willing to stand up and declare their truths... we might just tilt those windmills.

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