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Friday, July 8, 2011

Today is Friday, July 8th

The roller coaster continues but are we having fun yet?!!!

After my Board meeting this morning we ran to the Dermatologist who removed my stitches and checked T's rash and we were all very excited.  The ugly angry red rash is receding!!! So, we'll continue applying the prescribed steroid based cream daily... made a bet with T that he didn't need any blood (altho' he wouldn't take the odds).  I'd noticed T looked much better this morning...his color wasn't grey...

So, next stop was Dr.Wu's office for labs and lo and behold!!!!  T didn't need any blood and his white cell count was over 9!!!!  .5- 9 in a week!!!  That's what no chemo and Neupogen daily did for T and of course lots of positive support....

Thank you one and all....

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