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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today is Thursday, July 21st

OK,  I'm guilty... jam packed last few days and that's a good thing.  I made Tuesday's office meeting and toured with Lorraine...everyone has their crosses to bear and we all get through the day with a little help or a shoulder from our friends.  On to Costco, where I learned that there was nothing to be done for Tracy's phone.  Yes, folks, I washed his new phone... it's nice and clean but it no longer works.  So, I need to find an old phone or a cheapie and put his SIM card in it.  Supposedly, that will work.  Oh well...  so, I picked up our food staples and headed home to stock the pantry and then, have a blessed massage.  Tracy was already under Jan's loving hands and his color is so much better as a result....  Gary stopped by and we all chatted until the calzones were ready and then, we shared some bites too.  Shower and bed were very welcome...

I slept a full night and actually felt human again on Wed.!  It's amazing what sleep can do for the soul.   Wed was a full day of work - a comparative marketing analysis & putting a tour together for Sat. with my new client.  I took a break so T , Riley & I could walk around the neighborhood.  Then, I made my version of Marchegiana meat sauce and T & I relaxed and watched a little TV.

I keep trying to focus my thoughts on positive outcome for our boy... keep that white light coming, please....

I'm off to the dentist...

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