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Friday, July 15, 2011

Today is Friday, July 16th Part 2

OK so T's white cell count dropped to 3.5...no one's worried and he won't be back on Neupogen quite yet.  I'd like to see that going up or staying steady but it is what it is.  He'll be checked again on Tues.  Here's hoping it's the same or better...

Returned home to reconcile accounts and medical bills and then... and then.... we went to Bittersweet Bistro for an early dinner with Tom & Jan...T's first outing to a restaurant in over 9 months!!!  Wow! What a pleasure to be served outside on the patio.... The wind started to pick up as we were debating dessert and T was ready to retire so, we acquiesced and I'm sooo glad to have had a grown up dinner out!

Good night and sleep tight!

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