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Monday, August 1, 2011

Today is Sunday, July 31st

What a weekend!  Fri., Tracy & I enjoyed dinner at Severino's at the Seacliff Inn with Gar & Deb, Tom & Jan and Matt & Jeannette.  Great to share dinner & swap stories...

 Sat. we enjoyed a total change of scenery as we rode down the coast with Gary & Deanna to have lunch at Nepenthe in Big Sur.  We sat out on the patio as the fog finally started to lift and I loved the homemade split pea soup!!!  They even wrote the ingredients down for me without specific measurements... the first time for split pea soup that wasn't pureed -- delish!!!!

 We wandered through the fabulous art gallery across the road and sauntered back home to rest from our big day...  My honey is exhausted and you know what?  me too...

Glad to be back as I search through our house and have been calling people all day trying to figure out what I did with my navy blue leather purse.  I could have sworn I brought it into the house after showing property last Sat.  But I haven't used it since and it's gone missing.... Concentrate and find the elusive rascal....

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  1. Thanks for the WONDERFUL PICTURES!!
    I have a feeling you're both in for some good news this Friday at Stanford.

    Linda Jack