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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today is Wednesday, August 10th

The McAnelli's are settling into a routine... a normal day where we end up together at some point hopefully, playing some Wii, sharing a walk, a shower, a movie, a cooking show and dinner. I've been praying for normalcy and we've fallen back into it... of course there's always the elephant in the room, but we're learning how to talk around it and mostly ignore it. Let go and let God is a constant mantra. I believe Tracy is slowly but surely returning to the land of the living. All the little things we take for granted, he's accepting and doing. The blower on the living room fireplace was making a horrid racket. T did what he would have normally done a year ago: he figured it out! He took it apart and will go get the part he needs to fix it...Wow!!! One short month ago, that would have been impossible. That's huge improvement & that's getting back to living a normal life for T and acknowledging his strengths. His hair is coming in too! A full head of salt & pepper hair...just a shadow but soon to be... so like our lives. We creep slowly back into being...living...accepting...and challenging???

Life for the McAnelli's is about being in the present... Never truly knew what that meant before. We're here today... acknowledge the past, relish the present and hope for the future... A spontaneous evolving life together...the Warrior McAnelli's.

Caught the last 45 minutes of Barbra Streisand at the Village Vanguard crooning & kibitzing to 125 of her people (including Bill Clinton) on PBS Mon. night. Here's hoping they replay it so we can see the whole performance. It brought back our vivid very early together memory of staying up all night outside a Towers record shop to buy the maximum amount of tickets = 6 each of us ( Tracy, Cenz & I plus Max & Spec, our body guards, non ticket buying participants ) could purchase to see Barbra Streisand at the Shark tank. Selling 2 in the parking lot for $1000 each (we'd paid $375 each for the tickets) and then, trading 2 for the down payment on my Blazer. That was very early in our relationship and music became a bond. That performance was one of a lifetime. Cenz & I harmonized with each other and Barbra, loving every minute... Wow!!! I'm hoping we get to go to Kuumbwa sometime soon. That will take T's counts being higher and the ability to stay awake for a 7:00 show; (and rejoining Kuumbwa) but we're looking forward and in the interim, enjoying every music performance on TV that we can... and loving it!

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