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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is Thursday, August 4th

Yesterday would have been my Daddy's 98th birthday... he lived to 78 and there are times I can still hear him sing...  I'm feeling grateful and melancholy... I asked T what he wanted to do today and he just wanted to stay home.

It was a gorgeous day on the coast...one of the prettiest we've seen in awhile with the temperature perfect in the low 70's.  I met Marilyn for broker tour & a delicious sidewalk patio lunch at Kianti's downtown ...mmmm cheese bread & caesar salad.  Santa Cruz is such a great people watching town and it's great to share a day with a dear friend...

Stopped on the way home at Deluxe for Massimo ice cream for my honey... he loves the vanilla cloud over his annie banany bar.  We joined Linda & Jim in Tuscany before dinner and afterward took a wonderful stroll around the neighborhood... just we 3:  T, Riley & me...  I am so grateful for our special place in this world and the time we have to share.

Tomorrow is a big day... we've decided to let go and let God... we have no control and we're looking forward to T's greatest good.  I have a listing apt. in Milpitas first
 ( wonderful clients whom I sold a Cambrian home to several years ago.  Their intent was a 5-6 month remodel which won't be complete for 3-4 months yet; taking about 2.5 years total time.  They want advice on anything needed before we put it on the market.) Then, on to Bruno at Stanford.  We'll find out what's next in this crazy never ending drama...

Life is just a bowl of obbleyocky with a stuffamoyjin on the side...  or as Shar would say: "Life is all about how you handle Plan B"

Love & light to all...

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