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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today is Friday, August 26th

Life is good and kinda crazy and the good news is we're still here... we're still walking around the neighborhood first thing. It's a great way to start the day and it satisfies Riley for a couple hours. Added benefit: We stay up on what's happening and we stay regular...who could ask for anything more?

Thursday was a blur...ending with a spur of the moment viewing of "The Help" with Linda & Jim and then dinner for 4 at Bittersweet. What fun! The Help was a fabulous book and the movie followed the book pretty closely. I was very glad to have seen it. Usually if I've read the book, I'm disappointed. The acting was great and I keep reflecting on the message. Good movie to remind us of the struggles of our youth. The MLK sculpture ( why wasn't an American sculptor commissioned to produce the statue?) was supposed to be dedicated this weekend and the ceremony has been postponed because of Irene's impending arrival. What a crazy week for the East Coast!!! Earlier this week, they experienced an earthquake centered in Virginia that damaged the Washington Memorial and was felt all the way up and down the coast caused by an unknown fault! Talk about a crazy week!!!

Today upon our return home from our morning walk around, the doorbell rang. FedEx delivered Johnny's treat: One of the Alaskan Salmon he'd caught fresh out of the water yesterday. Amazing!!!
After lunch with Gini; I showed property & I've been catching up the rest of the evening.
Tracy's neutraphil count rose from 1.5 to 1.9!!! Altho' he still needed platelets...
All is well.

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