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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today is Sunday, August 14th

OK I admit I've been remiss. It's tough sometimes for me to write what I'm feeling. I get lost in the depths and am reluctant to capture those thoughts... I try to always be positive but lately I've been having a hard time getting there. I have allowed what the doctors have said to seep into my outlook. Remember - Let Go and Let God.... Tracy is a FIGHTER!!! We will fight together and conquer this f__king disease.

Speaking of my honey...Tracy looks amazing!!! His color is great.. his hair is growing in and he doesn't look so gaunt. I was hoping to have some photos by now BUT NO ONE HAS SENT ANY!!! Come on folks!!! So, to catch you up...

We went to a truly awesome party yesterday. Gary & Deb celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary by throwing a bash complete with our own 70's RYM band! Ozzie, who used to play the B3 Leslie organ played keyboard, Warren, the Industrial Chicken Man drummer arrived from Salt Lake City and joined Byron on guitar & vocals, Tom on Bass and Gary on guitar & vocals. It was so great to meet up with so many old friends and dance & nosh (salmon, tri-tip, turkey sausages, & every salad & side under the sun)!!! I was even recruited to the stage to sing back up & tamborine on a couple numbers... must admit, it didn't take much coaxing. I haven't laughed like that in a long time it seems & my trophy? I've got a blister on my finger! Ha!

I can't thank the Whitnicks enough for opening up their home and their hearts to all of us... Tracy hung in there and totally enjoyed being there tho' he rejected playing his bass. I was ecstatic that he ignored my admonition re no hugs or kisses (cause his counts are so low)... he enjoyed the attention and the love and he deserved all of it! He's my hero!

Hopefully, I'll have some photos over the next week... everyone had cameras so, here's hoping.. Love to all... enjoy the full moon!

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