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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today is Saturday, August 27th

This month has flown by altho' we still do have a few days left. We made a few calls today using FaceTime on the iPad. What an amazing tool and so easy to use. With the simple addition of an email address to Favorites on an iPad or iPhone; and a touch to that email on FaceTime, the phone starts ringing... and then, you're connected and able to see the party you've called. How cool is that? What vision Steve has!!!

Today my honey awoke tired so, we walked slowly around the neighborhood. He did extend our walk by another block so, we walked all the way to Appleton and back. The rest of the day we took it slow and easy. I did some work and even used my Borders credit by downloading their eReader app, Kobo, and then, choosing several free books and 4 purchased books to reside on my iPad. Now I'll see whether I like to read on the tablet. I do love reading books. There's just something about turning a real page and gauging the progress I've made as I wade through the telling of the story to the end and then, the tangible finality of closing the book after I've consumed it. I've always loved to read. My daddy gave me my love of language and the beauty of a tale as told in a book. I can remember daddy sitting in his overstuffed chair with we 3 surrounding him or me on his lap as he read aloud to us.... I can almost remember the way he smelled and how sturdy he was and so eager to share a tale with his children. Those are some of my fondest memories of the time I spent with my daddy.

Interesting that lately I'm immersed in memories. Today I reflected on some of my early experiences with Tracy and tonight, Simon and Garfunkel guided us through the turbulent 60's- 70's on a KQED fund drive. Nostalgia with a few tears...Life is living the memories and then, looking back and treasuring the interludes of the past...

Jayne & Lou are on their way here after an evening with Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Johnny's fabulous Alaskan salmon will find it's way over the hill. Love to all and to all a good night...

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