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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today is Wednesday, August 3rd

I FOUND IT!!!  Would you believe my purse was tucked in the back of my desk drawer in the office??  I guess I put it there before I showed property... had too much time on my hands.  The relief is enormous... I haven't lost my mind entirely....

Monday & Tuesday went by in a blur.  T's white counts dropped to 1.3 from 1.5.  So, I'm back making veggie juices and balanced meals for my honey... lots of veggies... halibut with an artichoke for dinner this evening... build, build, build...  looking for T's highest good.

I'm finding it very difficult to read the paper or listen to the news... what is wrong with getting the right message out about our economy.  Medicare did NOT put us in this position.  Most of the populace has paid into the system over the course of their lives so, they would be taken care of when they retired.  The politicians don't care who they blame it on and they don't have to worry about health insurance for the rest of their lives.  So, it's an easy target...  Come on people, media get the facts straight!!!   How about getting rid of the oil subsidies and erasing the Bush tax cuts?

Now that makes sense!!!

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