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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today is Tuesday, February 1st

My poor man had a terrible time last night... lost count on how many times he sweated out  but he never ran a temp!  Thank goodness!  I probably got a couple hours of sleep; so today was tough...missed our sales meeting... left T in bed and went to the office to put my file together and then, thankfully to the chiropractor... she mercifully adjusted my twisted body and wrapped my leg.  I used a cane today and that relieved some of the pressure.... I guess my athletic soul will be yearning for a couple weeks...

Tracy slept the entire day and he's better but weak.  No temp just really tired...

Zeva, The Good Wife and a good night's sleep will heal all ills...


  1. don't lose focus, Annie! This WILL turn out for the good. Too damn much white light is beaming your way. We shall not fail!

  2. Thank you Greg!!! I'm beaming that brilliant white light back at you!!!! This too shall pass... Anne Marie