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Friday, February 25, 2011

Today is Friday, February 25th

OK  I'm sorry to all of you who received an email with a URL in the message.  It was a virus and it caused havoc with my mac and lots of people's email... some I didn't even know.. it basically hijacked my email and just kept going.... I'm going to attempt to update my blog now for the last couple days... I actually have handwritten notes of what I attempted to update on Wed. evening when everything froze but it's not important that I share that.  Who cares? ...

It's amazing how dependent I've become on technology... I've never felt so vulnerable as when as I toured on Thurs.. lots of Realtors asked me what the email was about...some I was able to warn against clicking on it...others let me know that it unfortunately held a virus... I'm soooo sorry!!!

Wed., Thur. all a blur... lots of business, thank you God!  it shall sustain us... today we were geared up & ready; left early for Stanford since we were concerned about the forecast for snow at sea level... well what a pleasant surprise!!  The sky was clear and the sun was brilliant and it was a gorgeous drive over the hill.. we were early...labs done and we waited and waited and waited and then, the fellow arrived...as Tracy said in his inimitable way;  he was paving the way for Bruno's appearance with the bad news...

OMG!!!  T's nutraphil count has more than doubled over the last week (140 last week-300 this week) but he needs to be 1000+ in order to restart chemo.  The problem is we don't know why T's neutraphil count hasn't come back.... as T wise cracked his way through the Fellow's diagnosis and I surmised that he just wasn't responding by saying..."the sign of intelligence is not repeating what didn't work the first time"  T shared,  "That's BS.  When a boy starts to masturbate in his teens it doesn't work initially but eventually he gets it"  Ai yi yi!!  That's my T!!  and here we are..  what's next?  Bone marrow biopsy... how many is this?  We've lost count....T and I now insisting that he have the biopsy today;  no more delays...  T started saying "My last name is Stanford... yah...I'm Leland Stanford McAvoy"... you know the real issue is everybody being treated at Stanford is deserving and in need... so, how do you bargain with that?  Thank goodness we prevailed... we didn't want to lose another week waiting for an appointment for a bone marrow biopsy...we were there...DO IT!!  My braveheart T,  ready and willing "if I can't have a lumbar puncture (chemo plus spinal tap) give me a bone marrow biopsy!! "  T is the most courageous man... he accepts with a sigh...  so, now we wait... Mon earliest and I'll start calling to find out what the future holds...  either the leukemia is back or the puzzle hasn't been figured out... next step unknown... more chemo with radiation or bone marrow transplant?  Hospitalization starting next week?  Only God knows... 

As we headed home; a stone hit my windshield... been there done that...last time (several years ago) I waited a few hours and had to replace the windshield...so, T searched my apps...Around Me & called Absolute Auto Glass as we approached Santa Cruz; drove straight there....4:30 & they fixed the crack as we waited; realized they replaced my windshield the last time.  Done!  Very nice folks!!!

My eyes are swollen shut...T insists he's gonna make it!  Please keep praying & sending white light...we need it!!!  As T quipped to the cardiologist the other day;  " I don't need another ologist".. he needs a cure!!!  Keep the faith!!!

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