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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today is Thursday, February 10th

OK I'm waaaay behind... life has gotten in the way.  Been trying to do it all; hoping no balls are gonna drop.  Tracy has been trying very hard but he's had another setback.  Yesterday, we had a day at Stanford fully expecting the T man to start two weeks of chemo...rides lined up; T was anxious to start so, he'd get it over with.  Well, you know best laid plans... T's white cell count is too low to start the treatment protocol so, he's got a week off.  He starts treatment again next Wed.  Meanwhile, T has been very creative (better to concentrate on than the alternative).  He took all the photos and a video and put them on our internet listings.  He's so very talented and I love him so!!!

Two new listings... gorgeous Rio Del Mar classic and fabulous legal Westside duplex now a short sale.  Showing properties;  making offers and squaring away deals... been burning that candle and I'm gonna call it a night.  While I run around working, please friends call him at home... chat him up, cheer him up, please.

Patience and white light to all...

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