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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today is Wednesday, February 2nd

It's amazing what a good night's sleep does for my outlook.  Yesterday all was bleak and I couldn't see beyond the end of my nose.  Today T & I awoke to a gorgeous sunrise and a mission:  Get Tracy back on the treatment track!  We made great time to Stanford but the ITA was jam packed and we had to wait for labs, then we waited for Bruno and then, we ended up waiting an hour for T's hell shot.  But in between, we grabbed lunch from the cafeteria and enjoyed it in the atrium, while being serenaded by a wonderful classical duo (a harpist who also played piano & cello and a cellist who also played a native Norwegian instrument that was played with a bow and looked like a cross between a violin and a guitar).  We are truly blessed.  Stanford holds the key... Bruno acknowledged that T probably will end up in the hospital many times before we're through with treatment and each time they'll throw everything at the infection and the medications can cause all kinds of contraindications.  The difference at Stanford is that because it's a teaching hospital;  there's always someone readily available and on call.  I've decided that each time, we'll make a decision whether we can make it to Stanford quickly enough.  Dominican will definitely be a second choice but a viable second choice.  After all, my T survived.  Thank God!!!  and he's looking pretty cute... photos to come..

T's treatment schedule resumes again next week, starting on Wed., the 9th, 4 days on, 3 days off for the next two weeks.   I'll have the scheduled times tomorrow.  Michael has volunteered for the 10th and that allows me to hold a Broker's open house at my new listing.  With my business picking up so much (thank God!!!) it will cramp my driving time...but it will keep us sane and whole.  So, please drivers, we'll need some help coming up?

Amazing all the work that technology & organization allowed me to accomplish today!!!  I picked up the docs I was missing from my Sunnyvale listing file from the buyer's agent in Los Altos on the way home; Yahoo it closed yesterday!!!  Arranged a Rio Del Mar listing appointment & arranged with the tenant to view it Thursday...consulted with the listing agent & counseled the buyers and ultimately wrote an offer on a La Selva Beach beauty...checked on progress on Janet & Mike's home..the news: the bank wants a copy of the red tag (got to figure out how to get that when the office is only open from 8-9 in the mornings and I'm stretched pretty thin..enlist the buyers?)... started assembling a tour for new buyers on Fri.... long conversation this evening with Stan about how to package a deal for a West Cliff beauty... and that's a snapshot of all the balls I keep juggling... just hope I don't drop anything...got my spirit soaring again... my baby is gonna beat this thing and we're gonna thrive...

oh yeah and I need to write a piece about health care for KUSP broadcast later this month. .. thought about going to an open house for a chorus that was looking for singers this evening... oh yeah... I love to sing... I sang along with a wonderful guitar today when I could remember the words .. it felt so good ... the guitarist was in the ITA while T had his labs done and his choices were classic 70's...soothing music to our ears and our hearts...

My baby is asleep and my eyes are very heavy...  the sunset was obscenely beautiful this evening and we were alive and oh so appreciative...

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