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Friday, February 18, 2011

Today is Friday, February 18th

No let up...the rain just keeps on coming...  lost another tree at New Brighton today so, the park was evacuated and closed down.. ruined some folks' holidays..but better safe than not.

Intended to go to the office for a couple hours; 6 hours later I'd put together & transmitted 2 massive short sale packages (90 pages in one, 78 in the other, each & every page detailed with name & loan # added) and an offer for Stan & Glenna... finally & completely done in..

T seems stronger... he's eating more each day, as we figure out what works & what doesn't... what appeals & what to avoid... anxiously awaiting his Neupogen refill while Blue Shield tries their best to delay, delay, delay....  who cares as long as T gets what he needs?  seems like the new anti-nausea med is working which makes all the difference...

Night all....

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  1. Dear Annie, Hang in there. God I know the hell you're going through or I should say Tracy's hell.
    It will get better and you are not alone. All I can do for you is pray like hell. I have you both on a prayer list. It all helps. BREATH!! Take walks, baths, whatever can relieve the stress.
    This too will pass.