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Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is Valentine's Day, Monday, the 14th

I fully intended not to move today but you know how that goes...  wrote an offer and presented it this afternoon and it was accepted by the seller!!!  Yahoo!!! Now I just have to get the bank to accept it!   I will start the short sale process with Wells Fargo tomorrow...sure hope it works for all concerned...  much better for the seller's credit to do a short sale rather than a foreclosure.  The buyers are pretty excited too...

Valentine's Day is Carla's birthday; T & I sang to her voicemail...  hopefully, we'll catch up on Fri.  I look forward to another Valentine's Day when Tracy & I will celebrate & toast our  future in each other's arms.... he's having a hard time... no appetite... queasy stomach...send white light to surround T.. Wed. is D day...

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