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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today is Saturday, February 12th

Wow!  Another phenomenal day on the coast... we could see clearly all the way to Monterey!!!  The beaches were packed and it felt like summer was already here...

Sarah & Jeff wanted to see my Westside short sale listing and the newest listings in Rio Del Mar/ Seascape / Seacliff.  What a treat to show off our county!  We spent the afternoon together and we'll be going back tomorrow morning to see two of the homes for a second time; so they can make a decision.  Great choices!!!

I was very happy to come home to my honey and put dinner together for the two of us... T actually ate a whole meal of meat loaf, Brussel sprouts and avocado!!!  thank goodness!

You know it's amazing to me that some feel that government funding NPR and TV is a waste of money.   I believe that the government should continue funding the arts, NPR, TV and discontinue funding war or any despot... just saying... My facebook posting from moveon.org has generated some interesting comments...

Time to turn in...  keep sending that white light... and calling T...

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