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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today is Saturday, February 19th

More rain... I know we need it...  so, Shawn, our nephew called this morning from Portland.  I think he's lonesome; missing family... I only wish he could come here but for the time being T can't have any visitors... it's bad enough he gets exposed through me everyday... I've got hand sanitizer by the front and garage door;  I'm pretty good at remembering to use it each & every time I enter T's lair.   We'll see what next Fri. brings... keep sending that white light!!!

I thought I was just going to hang out with T today but you know how that goes...as Mom would say "make hay while the sun shines..."  Viewed a home with Kim, her gorgeous babies and her Mom, Vibeke again this afternoon to determine if they'd like to make an offer... they'll have to make a decision by tomorrow cause there is another offer on the home & put together Stan & Glenna's offer package and presented it...  spent some time with my broker, Robert talking about the market and finally picked up a Gridzich Olallaberry sp? pie, organic pepper & Artisan bread at Deluxe on my way home.

Baked Italian sausage, red bell pepper & purple, red & yukon gold potatoes with garlic and filled the whole house with a tantalizing aroma... Riley drooled a puddle waiting for a taste... and Tracy ate dinner... either the meds are working, the fragrance was too tempting or I'm just wearing him down... whatever the reason I'm so relieved!!

Enjoyed " Social Network" this evening...Zuckerberg, the nerd, really only wanted to be cool... in my former life, I've met a few...never as wildly successful but I do understand the persona and thoroughly enjoy the different facets when working with engineers...

The moon kept me awake last night as I savored Adriana Trigiani's "Brava, Valentine".. I read half way through and hope to read a little before I close my eyes...Ciao...

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