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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today is Sunday, February 13th

I'm ranting but it's astounding to me that the people aren't rising up and storming the streets.  How can anyone believe that the government should NOT fund the arts? How about libraries? Parks? Schools?  Medicare?  Some call it entitlement. I call it being American & caring about the essential pieces of living life as an American and caring for your fellow man.
Why not eliminate funding for making war? Or funding despots? Stop building prisons and fund programs for the mentally ill & drug addicted?
I'd rather put money into Sesame Street than Halliburton. 

The reason we're in such deep debt is George Bush's war on Iraq and everything most people hold dear...Patriot Act? Deregulation of Wall St & the banks... who's kidding who? We're viewed as Imperialists by the rest of the world and George protected the war machine and I dare say Cheney, for one, profited mightily. It's not PBS or NPR that drove us into these huge deficits. Get real!!!

Why do people believe all those lies...  that's America... we're free to believe what we want... and most people can see the truth...

Full day... Showed Sarah two homes for the second time today before my first open house at 207 Toledo Drive, Rio Del Mar and I'll be writing up an offer in the morning.   Tracy actually put out my signs and picked them up... Thank God for T having the energy!!! Steady stream of folks viewing my listing and finally collapsed in a bathtub filled with bubbles... Grammies and bed soon...  white light to Greg tomorrow!!!  Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday Carla!!!  To all a good night....


  1. Annie - I signed the petition.. what has this word come too!! Tracy sending you loads of white light and love! and I suppose some rain too!
    Keep on Keeping on... I pray for you every day dear friend.

    Happy Valentines Day ! Eat as much chocolate as you want today - no one is counting!!

  2. Annie - your white light worked!! Now I have all my extra white light that that I don't need anymore, and I'm sending to you and T!!!