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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16th

OK, I'm so frustrated I could scream!!!  Poor T...another delay due to too low white counts.  We're both down, frustrated and depressed.  We return to Stanford on the 25th for a recount and possibly another spinal tap.  Cancelled all T's rides until further notice.  Thank you our friends for your understanding.  T has lost weight too so, I'll pick up prescriptions today... one should help with his distressed & twisted stomach pains.  We received the bad news yesterday and it put us both into a tailspin... stopped to drop off info & Sale Pending rider on the Westside; dropped T home and drove to Castroville for a final walk through for Barry & Dottie's new home....  roasted a chicken with veggies in the clay pot for dinner and T hardly ate... between a total meltdown and tears... we spent a non-talking evening.

Somebody share a laugh...a joke... T really needs some uplifting!  Come to think of it, me too!!!

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