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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today is Thursday, February 17th

The storm that hit the coast today was amazing and destructive!!!  It rained soooo hard, I didn't want to leave the office!  Took down a healthy tree at New Brighton Beach!!! What a change from yesterday's rainbow that ended at Barry & Dottie's new Castroville home!

... T informed me that we lost power for several hours at home this afternoon while he & Riley cuddled together.
T & I are looking forward... I have to say, I'm glad T & Tom didn't have to drive through the storm to Stanford and I'm about ready to call it a night..

I think the short sale has a chance and I'll be making an offer on a Westside beauty tomorrow.  Phew!  I'd trade it all for T's health; but Lord knows it will sustain us and we're eternally grateful...  working on getting T's Neupogen approved by the all powerful Blue Shield... more pushing tomorrow...

We shall survive and thrive!!!!!  Mother Nature is howling....

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