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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today is Wednesday, February 23rd

Ok I missed a few days...just catching up.  Monday, I took Zach & his twin daughters & son for a tour and viewed a lot of homes from noon to about 4:00.  Our stomachs were yearning for lunch but we pressed on...  They are just moving back to the states and I'll be taking them to the Westside today. They are a pleasure to tour with and Mom is due in this weekend.  Also, received a counter on the West Cliff beauty.  Lots of other work stuff and arrived home, changed and Tracy insisted I go to my book club... nice evening eating & chatting about "The Kahuna " and politics & the latest news... I was glad I went...home in time to see "Harry's Law"...Kathy Bates is dynamite!  Tracy is looking good and eating!  Yahoo!

Tuesday was another blur... no breakfast rushing to our Sales meeting with Carole Radoni speaking to us about the market.  Interesting times we're in... on to view 3 new listings and soup & salad with Lorraine.  Picked up T for his cardiology appointment at long last. Dr. Glancy was amiable, intelligent, down to earth and allowed T to get off his med.  T now instead has an emergency medicine to treat himself if as he takes his daily pulse; he has any erratic moments.  Warning:  Now that the arrhythmia has happened once under extreme duress, it could happen again so, beware....  Kind of put me in a weird state...like not another thing... but T took in the news and moved on as only my T can.

I dropped T at home and went back to the office to organize my tour for Zach; add a search for him for the Westside and communicate & checked in with several other clients.  Checked in on the Short Sale and processed more info for the 2nd.  The 1st told me they had a complete package & we'd have an assigned negotiator within 7 business days.  Hurrah!!  Counter for W. Cliff in the making..., offer for cottage maybe in sight...

Home to my honey... he looks so much better!  Stronger with a ready sense of play.. We ate left overs side by side and then, after I caught up with the papers; showered and watched "the Good Wife"  until I fell asleep....  I picked up meds at CVS;  discovered one of T's meds that he should have been taking 3x a week, has been sitting there since last Wed..  Somehow CVS missed it so, now T will start it a week late... oh well, we'll have to clue in Bruno et al on Fri.... so much to keep tabs on...

Nightmare last night disturbed me enough to take half an Ambien at 1:30 to get back to sleep...  Mom, Cenz & I were in a penthouse with lots of levels and light.   Cenz thought there were weird characters coming in and wanted us all in the same room & bed for protection... I awoke with a start... missing mom & cenz...  and fell asleep again with the sleeping aid.... Wed is a gorgeous day filled with possibility...

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  1. Thinking about you guys - hope meeting with Bruno was excellent... good vibes your way always!!! XXOO Di