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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today is Saturday, February 5th

Today would have been Cenzo's 60th!!!  It's unbelievable that he's gone 15.5 years and that we're married just about that long,  Tracy stepped in to fill the vacuum...when I lost Cenzo, I truly lost a part of myself... he was my best friend up to that last year when he moved back to Ct.  He was losing his fight for life and his grasp on reality and Mom took over caring for him.  It broke her heart when she lost her youngest son.... and she joined he and Daddy, May 26th of the following year.   My brother, Johnny, Shar and their sons and their families carry on the Sorcenelli love of life and we hold our lost loved ones in our hearts forever.

Friday was a great day!  I showed homes to Kim & Vibeke for about 4 hours hobbling along with my cane and enjoying the viewing.  They may have found their new home;  I will speak to them later today.  We wrapped up the Castroville ranch...Barry & Dotti were able to get a screaming financing deal; so we released contingencies and increased their deposit.  Great news finally on Janet & Mike's duplex!  They'll be in contract early next week if this hedge fund actually gets their act together.  We're being countered on the back up position for the La Selva beauty... too bad timing worked against us on that one.  New info for Stan and that just about did my day in... home to pizza and a good red and ICE on my throbbing leg....we watched "Secretariat"  and I absolutely LOVED  it!!!!

We've got a big red doggie who sat with his daddy this morning on our back porch long enough to snap all these photos....


  1. Focus on the positive! T can sit on the porch without having to wear a down coat and thermal underwear! It only gets better from here!!

  2. Daddy and his little boy.. Lovely sight!!