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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today is Tuesday, April 12th

Keeping up over the last few days has been tough.  On the way to my office meeting this morning, I was listening to "The Writer's Almanac".  Garrison Keillor spoke of a legendary writer who felt the most important thing any writer did was bare their soul; revealing truth...  honesty....

Mr. T has been having a tough time the last few days... tho' he ate last night and tonight for which I am profoundly grateful...  it's very tough to stand by and not be able to fix what ails him or soothe his aches or pains... Of course this is not about me but about T's valiant invincible fight.  I'm having a hard time standing witness.  Today's labs verified that T is once again neutrapenic.  So, Neupogen shots continue and I keep trying to distract him and life goes on...

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  1. Annie,

    I know the pain that your feeling through T. It's hard to be strong when someone you love is in pain. Character creates great courage...and you have an abundace of character. Try to find your strength in your faith and let him lead the way. We continue to send you white light,love and prayers daily.
    Love to you and T. :)
    Di Houghtaling