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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today is Wednesday, April 20th

I'm losing track of what's important.   Tracy looks like Cenz did when he was wasting.  It's scaring the hell out of me.  Toni suggested that we renew Compazine, a med to cope with the nausea, this afternoon.  I called CVS & they filled it immediately and hopefully, it will help with his cramping.  HE'S NOT EATING!!! When he does, he voids the food either one way or another.  Nothing seems to work.  I wrote an email to Janell, our angel nurse asking for help.  He can't keep on this way.  At least now, Toni is here and is in agreement.  Tracy needs something to help him get some nourishment.  He's 6'4" of bones.  It's not my cooking....  Toni drove T to his radiation appointment today and she agrees... He needs nourishment.

I won't give up!


  1. We know Annie, You will NEVER give up. I hope the Compaznie helps tracy... I am so glad Toni is there to help you... what a blessing...
    Tracy - I pray you body lets you eat..We need our Big Strong Tracy!

    XXOO Love you guys. Di

  2. Annie,

    Just wondering if anyone has suggested protein drinks? There's one made by Nestle called Resource Breeze. They're fruit flavored with 250cal/8oz with 9g of protein. If eating is not going well perhaps this would give him some nourishment. Sending prayers and white light to you both.
    Much Love,
    Di Houghtaling