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Friday, April 15, 2011

Today is Friday, April 15th

The last few days have been intense.  Tracy is stretched soooo thin and so am I.  He's down to 200 lbs. and I've had a splitting headache it seems for days.  Days of worry and fear will do that, I guess.  T is depressed and it's understandable with the continual drive to Stanford each and every day and the endless waiting and fear in between appointments... We had the Radiation Consultation yesterday.  Radiation is required as a prophylactic measure because of the blood barriers in the brain.  Lumbar punctures with chemo are also required as a prophylactic measure because of the blood barriers in the spine.... they've done this many many times at Stanford... it's just that we haven't.

T had his mask made this morning which will protect his eyes during the full head radiation.  On to the ITA for labs where somehow unbeknown to us;  T's appointment time had been changed.  Finally we saw Bruno after Dr. Lam, the Fellow, did a full work up.  We were hoping to see Bruno earlier than our appointed time but that never happened.  Actually,  we ended up waiting and waiting and waiting...  Consequently, we waited way too long to eat lunch... timing just wasn't right, & we both ended up nauseous.  T had a strong desire for a Subway cold cut combo with pickles, olives & peppers, mayo & mustard.  All we had to do was find a Subway.  'Around Me' said there was a Subway on the Stanford campus... the trick was finding it.  When we left the parking lot; there wasn't any internet connection so, we went by memory. When we found the street we searched for anyone walking around who wasn't talking on a cell phone to direct us to the actual building that housed Subway.  Lo and behold... We ate that infamous foot long.. followed my nose back off campus to the freeway and finally home to our beloved Rio del Mar...

Tracy starts radiation therapy on Tues. along with a lumbar puncture laced with chemo  and then, chemo pills to take at home at night. Five days on, two days off.  Repeat for two weeks, then two more days of radiation.  A lumbar puncture weekly for five weeks.  Then, finally a break.

 Surround my T with white light and lots of strength... we both need it....

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  1. Tom & I are sending you lots of love, the pure white LIGHT and prayers. You are both incredibly strong and I pray you have as much grace and ease as heaven will allow. love love love, Jan