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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today is Sunday, April 10th

Have you paid your property taxes?  Thank God I remembered yesterday!  They have to be postmarked today, so get on it!  Luckily for me, while doing my tax preparation for my appointment tomorrow ( not that I waited to the last possible moment and found every distraction conceivable not to complete the prep and stretched it out over 2 days or I should say 2 weeks) I finally came across the bill and the light bulb went off.  I was about to run to the post office & my wonderful neighbors, the Caminata's, not only took it for me; but delivered a casserole for our dinner.  Thank God for my wonderful neighbors!  Meanwhile, Allen walks our Riley religiously twice each and every day... and Linda keeps me sane.

Tracy has been pretty punky the last few days.... After his labs appointment on Fri. he kind of went down hill.  He was pretty cranky cause they weren't ready for him and he had to wait for me to return to pick him up (I'd gone to see my chiropractor, Cathy Sy).  He's had a hard time keeping anything down and/or having an appetite.  Today's he's trying to be more amenable but I'm just plain worried about T.  He's so weak and yet he's trying.  I finally finished my tax stuff and I just can't stop hovering over T.  He has the next appointment on Tues. at Dr. Wu's office and I'm thinking he's gonna need some blood.

Send all the white light you can muster please?  He needs the strength!!!


  1. Annie & Tracy, Prayers are coming your way!!! You're both doing an awesome job by continuing the fight!


  2. Anne Marie and Tracy,
    Sending light and prayers for strength for both of you!

    Love, Chris & Doug

  3. Anne Marie and Tracy,

    Sending all of my love and prayers to you both! I lost my Mom on April 1, my high school best friend on April 4 and do not want to lose anyone else I love any time soon...know that you are always in my thoughts and want to see you when I come home in August!

    Vicki Long