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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today is Wednesday, April 6th

Talk about having your fears vanish... Stanford appointments are a breeze today and cause for celebration!!!!  Tracy is making a comeback!!!  He's only 207 lbs today BUT he's just north of being neutrapenic... so his numbers are making a comeback...he's just started Neupogen shots every other day and the next phase of the protocol will be starting soon.  He has to have labs on Fri. & Tues. but that can be done at Dr. Wu's office in Santa Cruz  Yahoo!...  The Radiology dept. at Stanford will be contacting us about setting T up for 2 weeks of radiation to the brain (apparently chemo doesn't get to the brain tissues but who knew?) 5 week days each week and T will also have a lumbar puncture (with chemo) for 5 straight weeks and chemo pills (oral) and then, who knows?  Supposedly, then he'll have a break for awhile.... do I hear vacation?  Bruno was so content and happy about T's results and progress.  I'm sooo intensely relieved... I had received the news from Jari yesterday that Joaquin had passed away.... he was unable to have his transplant because he had had recurring pneumonia... life is fleeting and this fight is valiant for all those courageous people fighting the big C or any of these cursed diseases.... faith and love gets us all through.  I thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers and encouragement.  I was feeling mighty bleak but hope is back and my faith remains strong....

Short sale just approved the extension of COE to 5/20,  so thank God all parties should be happy about that.  Janet and Mike's new duplex should close next week.  All is well.

Life goes on... and we're happy to live another day!!!


  1. GREAT NEW GUYS! Love hearing that kind of news. Awesome!

    Talk to you soon

  2. Ditto! Awesome... Start dreaming of somewhere tropical! It's right in front of you! Cheers!!

  3. 3 Cheers for great news. Nothing like the power of prayer. The white light is still shining. Love to you both!
    The Houghtaling Family

  4. Tank god! Good news is always a great way to start a day. It must be because of all the white light that surrounds you both.

    Love you both


  5. Such good news!! How life changes from day to day, and our emotions with it. Keep up the good fight - both of you. Love, Anne (Bailey)