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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today is Sunday, April 17th

Saturday & Sunday just gorgeous days on the coast!!!  Tracy is trying to build himself up ... the doctor advised that he needed to be doing... so, T got himself going yesterday...he actually washed my car (he insisted!) as I sprayed rose defense on the roses and picked those ugly rusted and spotted leaves off and washed the spittle bugs off the rosemary... we both felt like we accomplished something!  Lila went to the library to pick up "An Inconvenient Wife" for me & the store for a few things so, I haven't driven anywhere other than my driveway in 2 whole days!!!!  The Caminata's delivered dinner last night and we had an early evening.

Today has been a great day!  Toni called to say she's coming out on Tues. to help with the driving etc. for this next grueling phase of T's treatment.  Yahoo!!  A little while later, Jayne & Carla showed up in Carla's new car and we took a long walk on the beach.  Riley has gotten a work out today... 2 walks with Allen and then, the beach...

All escrows are on track and life is good...

We're gonna have an early dinner and then, watch T's home movies.  He wants to convert them to digital from reel to reel.  Don't ask me how... if anyone can figure it out, T can.

Thanks for all your best wishes and support and we feel that healing white light... I'm not so good about keeping in touch these days but love to all...

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