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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today is Saturday, April 2nd

April Fool's Day got by me.  It was Friday so, after Tracy, my hero, helped to save a Pomeranian from 3 Pit Bulls on Cliff Drive, we spent yet another day at Stanford.   Ok so, we heard all this shouting and screaming outside.  I was in the master bathroom and I asked T what was going on and he said it was just some kids playing around.  The next thing I knew paramedics with sirens were arriving soon to be joined by the fire dept., animal control and the sheriff's.   So, I was still indisposed and T wasn't answering.  I threw on my bathrobe and ran down the exterior stairs scared out of my tree... thinking Tracy had collapsed and someone had called for paramedics.  My next door neighbor, Melanie, must have seen the panic on my face as I made the fence and said Tracy?  She said she'd find out what happened, when all of a sudden, Tracy walked up.  Apparently,  a man was walking with his Pomeranian when the dog was attacked by 3 Pit Bulls.  Tracy, the last person in this world who should have gotten in the middle of a dog fight, distracted one dog as Allen distracted another and another person grabbed the other dog.  The little bloody dog was being cuddled by someone else... the owner?  It all happened so fast...  Tracy read the dog tag and knew immediately that the owner was a new neighbor over on Townsend, next to Judy.  So, he proceeded to the house that was completely open where the clueless owner was sitting with some buddies on the back patio, who then jumped in his car and went to the scene.  ai yi yi!!! Quite the excitement!!

 T was now exhausted and looked kinda punky.  We arrived at Stanford only to find that someone had canceled his apt. earlier in the morning without informing us.  I found Arnell who said he'd take care of it.  Apparently, 5 nurses had called in sick and everyone's treatment was being delayed etc.  So, we were able to get T into the ITA quickly only to find out that the chemo would have to be delayed until Mon.  Unfortunately, I have a fully scheduled work day on Mon.  So, Bruno had to be consulted and with his blessing, we elected to go in on Sun., tomorrow instead.  T's counts were going in the right direction BUT he needed platelets.  So, we spent another long day at Stanford.  Tracy was very restless... scooting around on a chair with wheels while he awaited yet another bag of goodies.   I tried to break the monotony with a burrito from the Mexican bistro and he welcomed the food!  Finally, we arrived home and after I made a martini run to visit Jim & Linda... we ate a late dinner and were in bed asleep by 9.

Today I'm avoiding doing the work on my taxes that I need to get ready by writing this blog and making some phone calls.... I'll get around to it soon....

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