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Monday, April 25, 2011

Today is Monday, April 25th

OMG!!!  What a difference communication makes!  I had to pursue some real answers this morning.  I emailed and called Janell and was able to satisfy myself for the time being re T's radiation treatment schedule, the lumbar puncture schedules and the next regime in the protocol.  I also now know that there is hope...T is doing as well as can be expected for the time being.. he's exhausted and that's normal for this protocol.  He's got a new med to increase his appetite and I'm hoping we turn the corner soon...

I didn't get any sleep last night so, I'm turning in... thanks for all the calls and concern.  We're gonna be better soon...

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  1. Annie,

    So glad you got answers for your concerns. Things will get better...just got to get over this next hump. Your still in my daily thoughts and prayers.:)Hang tough as I know you will. You got lots of moxie lady.
    Love to you both,
    Di Houghtaling