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Friday, April 8, 2011

Today is Friday, April 8th

I am incensed, outraged and pissed off!!!!  Our federal legislators have once again put the people who pay them, that would be you and me, at risk.  They're simply not doing their job while they point fingers across the aisle and our government comes to a grinding halt.  I think that all pay and benefits should be suspended for all legislators on state or federal level until they do their stated jobs which is to legislate.  How anyone can look themselves in the eye, while saying you're at risk while I've got mine is beyond me!  I respect the fighters and the fight but people's lives are on the line.  While some fight for corporations and others fight for women's rights; the lobbyists get rich and the middle class continues to be squeezed into non-existence.  How can anyone justify tax cuts for billionaires and corporations while decimating medicare/medical benefits for the needy or education funds across the board?  The last 10 years should be ample evidence that tax cuts for the rich and special interests absolutely do NOT stimulate nor grow the economy!!!!

Meanwhile, the FDA, SEC, FCC, reformers, safety experts, whistle blowers protections are dwindling or horribly hobbled and the 'I've got mine' philosophy flourishes.

50 states are represented on a national level by elected federal senators and representatives.  Each individual state has a slate of elected state senators and assembly persons representing every district in the state legislature.  You would think that would guarantee that we, the people, would be represented and our interests protected.  I don't feel that way.  Do you?  The moment most legislators (not all) are elected; their agenda is set:  Re-election. Within a very short time, campaign fund raising begins anew for the next election.  That means that every lobbyist will make known what their specific agenda is and what their support will mean in terms of re- election dollars.  I feel jaded.  I don't know of any politicians who start out poor and leave office remaining poor.  Do you?  Why aren't our elected on the same medical benefits, social security and medicare schedules that you & I are on?  Why, after serving only one term, are any federal or state elected officials given benefits/pay for life?  Why aren't they subject to the same social security benefits that you and I work for?  As a self employed person; I have to fund my own medical coverage and retirement plan.  I made that choice and I'M paying for it.   I believe that if our elected were relegated to the same health care coverage, social security and retirement benefits as we, their electors; there would be amazing changes!  Some of the recently elected federal senators and representatives were astounded that they had to wait 30 days for their medical coverage (paid for by we, the taxpayers) to kick in.  Simultaneously, the same folks were screaming that health care reform for you and me, the taxpayers, was socialism.

It's astounding to me that we heard little or nothing about this.  Of course the FCC and anti-trust laws were decimated several years ago.  It's no longer a problem or conflict of interest to own TV, radio and/or print media in any given locale.  So, guess who decides what news we hear or read or see?  I could go on and on and on... but I'm exhausted just thinking about it and I feel powerless.

Time for change is NOW!!!!

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