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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, the 19th

Yesterday was a day when I heeded Tracy's advice.  I slept in ( 5 hours) and decided to stay home and take care of business.  Our routine has always been that Tracy gets up with Riley and takes him for a walk.. chats with the neighbors and Riley deposits 2-3 bags.  Wherever T goes to work or play; Riley is his faithful sidekick.  Riley's excitement is visible as the blue bomber passes with his head out the window.  Well, I threw on some warm-ups this morning and Riley took me around the block to a field where he got to run a bit and deposited only 1 bag.  Our boy isn't eating a whole lot cause he misses his daddy terribly.  After tears & coffee with Linda & Jim, I went home to spend a couple of hours on my Real Estate biz before I met with clients.  I realize my respite is finding solutions for my clients.  I love figuring out how to solve the puzzle.... sometimes it takes longer than everyone would like but I'm always elated by advocacy for my clients.

So, I mustered up some energy and went to meet a client who's in escrow to discuss our investigations into the property & in order to satisfy my client's questions; scheduled a chimney inspection later today which my amazing friend, Marilyn covered for me.... .  I then, showed several properties out in Prunedale to the "horse whisperer" and his wonderful wife. Unique needs and we may have found just the right piece of paradise for them today...

Only slept a few hours but T & I spoke several times today and he had his 3rd hell shot and he's doing well... so far so good and I sincerely thank you friends and family for your calls, your emails and Tracy's visits.  We were warned that the 7-10 day mark is when Tracy will either continue being strong or will need some help...  Keep that healing white light surrounding my love... send him strength and courage to fight and face the future....
He's fighting the good fight and so far he's winning!!!


  1. Let us know if you need some help with Riley -- I've got two guys here with dog fever! Much love and healing thoughts to you both - Michelle, Rick & Milo

  2. Hi Trac and Annie! Good Morning!
    Tracy, I hope you have a good day today..Eat your spinach if they give you some! Mike and I are going to come soon and visit.. in the mean time I have sent my healing angles to watch over you! Hugs and Kisses and we'll see you soon...

    Annie, this may sound silly, but I do it all the time.. can Riley call daddy on the phone and listen to his voice?

  3. So much white light coming from Florida. When we are in Cali for the holidays we will drop in and give you all such big hugs. Hallie Berry would love to meet Riley too.
    Much love our dear friends,
    Sylvia and Brian

  4. Hey Annie!

    Mom sent me this link and I've book-marked it. I'd like to come and visit if that's ok. What day would be good? Before the 7-10 day mark, I'm assuming. Send Tracy my love, and next time you guys are killing time up there give me a call. I'm in class a lot, but if I'm not, I'll pick up. I have a funny story I've been saving for you guys as a pick-me-up.

  5. Thank you one and all! I've posted the photos T took of the nurses during Hell Shot 3.

    Thank you Michelle! I'll be calling on your guys soon...

    Thanks for the suggestion, Di... I have been putting the phone on speaker and Riley is soooo funny.. he cocks his head like he's listening and wags his tail...

    Look forward to the visit, Sylvia and Lea!