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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, the 18th

Sunday was a full day... Gathered up photos and stuff to make Tracy more comfortable in his home away from home.  Then Carla & I headed to Kohl's to find an electric razor & slippers... did I say boats to keep his feet warm... then on to KUSP to record my latest Tea Party piece for First Person Singular which will be aired on the 27th.. then to Stanford to watch the niners kick those traitors butts out of town.... & visits by friends seemed to pick Tracy up ... it's a good thing... we walked the halls of the hospital & Tracy showed me his favorite painting... A Gilhooly piece- the making of Jackson Pollack's dogs.. pretty amusing.   I'm pretty positive and very tired.... I was in bed by 9PM ... Riley misses his daddy very much but now he's cuddling with me....and I'm thankful...


  1. Hi Annie and Tracy..Mike and I were so shocked to hear the serious news and I have been keeping in touch with deb, as to not bother you since your arms and heart is pretty full right now.. Our thoughts are with you and Tracy.. We love you guys very much and know that Trac is a strong man and will pull through this horrible disease... with his strenth, your strenth and love by all. If he can have visitors Mike and I would love to come say Hi? Let me know if it is ok? God Bless you guys and please let us know if we can do anything..

  2. Dear Annie & Tracy,

    I'm taken back by the news of Tracy's health situation. I'm so thankful that they are treating it so aggressively. He's in the best place with great doctors and they have so many tools in their box. I'm also very greatful that he's got such a wonderful woman with a lot of moxy by his side. My entire family will have both of you in our daily prayers. Stay strong and know that we are here for the both of you. My kids send their love and kisses and we will stay in touch.
    God Bless and much love,
    The Houghtaling's

  3. Hey you guys,
    Wow, how life can turn on a dime! My heart goes out to both of you. I really can't imagine what each of you are dealing with but
    I know it is extremely challenging! I will think of you both each day and send my good thoughts and prayers to you. I would love to visit at some point, but will check in with you first to see if that would work out. BIG Hugs to you both.
    Love, Mary Ann

  4. Thank you all for posting comments! I read them to Tracy and he loves them!