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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sat. Oct. 30th BEST UPDATE !!!!!

Tracy just called.  He told me to tell my boyfriend to go home... so I said "Riley, get off the bed" and laughed....  I had been in my slug station, watching our wedding video on my laptop in bed....  

Tracy's next words were " I'm coming home tomorrow."

The Doctors had just left T's room.  They said they could trust sending him home.  He will have to return to Stanford twice a week for chemo and next Sat. for another bone marrow test BUT  HE'S COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!

Thank you for your support, love and prayers!!!  KEEP IT COMING!!!


  1. The Bestest news EVER!!! WOOHOOO!!!

  2. OMG, Wonderful to hear the BEST news!
    Love, Betsy