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Friday, October 22, 2010

Today is Friday, the 22nd

in the wee small hours of the morning.... that song keeps playing in my head.  I awake to a new day and a new appreciation for what this day will bring...I get to see my love today. The little things I used to ignore or dwell on are no longer very important...you hear that all the time.. well carpe diem!!!  Tracy had a good day yesterday.  He took several walks and had a day off from chemo.  This protocol was created by T's Dr. Medeiros.  T sounds sooo good!  John Scannell & Gary & Deb watched the game with him... nobody saw that coming but I figure the Phillies had to save face... that way when we win; they don't look so bad...kind of a win- win.  Anyway, I had dinner and watched the game with the Hall's & Riley.  We have the best neighborhood in the world!  Between Allen & Evelyn lovingly caring for Riley and Allen helping me figure out my printer ink and the outpouring of love and support from Linda & Jim and Debi and Bina and Judy and Laurie... how could we ever live anywhere else?  We are truly blessed.

Tracy is determined!  The nurses all love him...who wouldn't?  Riley is starting to understand that daddy's in the phone... when T told him to speak, Riley did!  He stands with his head cocked and listening... he cuddles a lot more with me now...but I'm not fooled...he wants his daddy....meanwhile he's being spoiled to death!

Yesterday was Broker's Tour day and Vicki & I set out to see most of the new listings in the afternoon....one gorgeous home in Country Club Park captured me... it's amazing how some homes radiate the peace, love and joy of their residents.  This particular home was filled with her art... and the gardens were entrancing... It reminded me of the peaceful joy of my Corralitos listing...filled with her art and his wood work.  People inhabit their houses... some people actually live there.  I can't wait 'til my love comes home to the house he designed and built and we love....


  1. Anne Marie called me a while ago,enroute to you.Said you sounded good.hope you are over 1st hump day now!!!!!T.. you are more than ever in our daily thoughts and prayers, and hopefully in others as well.Most of the rest of family and a fair amount of friends are hopefully all keeping the faith on your behalf...Hi all my Calif. loves,(Deb, Gar,Di, Carla,Haynie,etc. thanx for being there...love, johnny

  2. Hello, you two -- There are lots of loving, healing thoughts and prayers coming from the East coast, too! I hope the "Good" days will balance the yucky ones. With love, Betsy