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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today is Saturday, October 23rd

Wed's Frisky Frolics 
Gary, T & Deanna
Now I know I must save periodically... I lost my whole blog when I added pictures.  Ai yi yi!!! So, I'll try to start over.

Tracy's rooftop hideaway
Tracy is blessed, yesterday was a great day! T was finally untethered from his IV sidekick... free to stroll around the hospital for several hours in the morning, taking small rests along the way, outside for the first time in the rain and loving it.  The topper: some dairy was added back into his diet;  mac and cheese dead ahead... so I was surprised not to see him in the atrium when I arrived.  The Otto Heizinger trio was playing their last tune... a Segovia/Methanyesqe smooth salsa/ jazz combo... I loved them!  When I got to T's room his spirit was everywhere...he's so thankful to be alive and able to move around unfettered, masked but free...  wearing a Giants knit ski cap  ... fighting his way home...   Di & Mike and Diana had brought the cap along with Halloween candy and Vanpire teeth ...Deanna & Gary arrived with Deeana's eggplant parmigiana for me and then, Lila brought homemade peanut butter cookies for the cookie monster.  Next round:  Michael & Anna came with app suggestions and then, Jayne topped it off with bagels & shmear, my Quicken rescue (hopefully) and an iTunes card.... what a day!!!  T wanted a walk before his shower so, we wandered down lots of hallways... and finally a dead end locked us out of the Med School... hand in hand basking in the moonlight ...  strolling around to the hospital entrance to continue the good fight....
Tracy joined me on my cot and we spooned for a little while... 'til the lack of space and comfort forced him back to his bed... I thank you one and all for your love, support and prayers!  T is feeling it today.  We thank you dear friends for all the attention!!!  We think we need to put all visiting on hold for awhile tho'.  He loves your visits but he needs to rest...this disease is a strength sapper and T is so happy to be alive... he needs to walk and then, nap....eat and then, sleep... he needs to build that inner strength back up so keep sending your love, email, call and prayers... Tracy is gonna make it with all your love and support!!!!!

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